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Etnia Barcelona

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Independent eyewear brand from Barcelona creating colorful designs with natural acetate and mineral lenses.

Art inspires our way to see the world.

What’s Included

Everlasting heritage.

In the 1950s, Fulgencio Ramo—grandfather of David Pellicer, who is the current owner of the company—created his first eyewear factory. David Pellicer joined the company in the 1990s with the dream of creating something new.

Maximum quality.

For three generations, quality has been and continues to be fundamental. We control the entire process from beginning to end, scrutinizing every detail to ensure quality standards are met.

A more sustainable brand.

Between using natural materials like cotton, wood and glass, and eliminating single-use plastic from the packaging, we have been working to be a more sustainable and ethical brand.

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A Few Popular Styles

Spain’s leading optical brand, Etnia Barcelona draws its inspiration from art and culture, resulting in a funky, colorful, fashion-forward line. We offer a wide variety of models in store and have the ability to order anything in their current catalog for you.

Some models have to be ordered. Just come in and let us know what you want.

cadaquesvintagecollectionetnia 300x168


The new Vintage collection is created using classically-inspired shapes.

Glasses models full of details: metal rods designed using art deco motifs, classic crests or golden details to give the collection a hint of sophistication.

kahloazulcollectionetnia 300x168


A limited edition capsule has been dyed blue to emphasize one of the brand’s most noteworthy attributes: color.

It’s a color that evokes both calm and immensity. It summarizes our personality, which is groundbreaking, pure, and lively.

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David Bowie shares the free spirit and Anartist attitude that is so representative of us.

Not only has Bowie been an icon for several decades, he remains a champion of artists, outsiders and free thinkers of all stripes, exemplifying unapologetic individuality and fearless self-expression.

What people say about Etnia Barcelona

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“They are stellar! Every pair of Etnia Barcelona frames are put together by hand and it is obvious because the quality of the frames is exceptional. I have worn these frames for four years with new lenses every two years. I am sincere in saying that I continue to receive weekly compliments on the bright color and style of these frames. Many, many people…..usually strangers…..ask me how they can get these frames. They are exceptional in style and quality!”

— Anne

“Bought this frame for my personal use. I had used Etnia Barcelona glasses in the past and I am a fan of their avant-garde designs and quality products. I highly recommend this brand to anyone who wants to add a little spark to their face.”

— Jazmyne

A high-fashion collection that evokes a sense of European style and sophistication.

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All Etnia Barcelona models are covered by our

“Life Happens” Guarantee