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GUNNAR Advanced Gaming Eyewear (15184838986)
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Gunnar Optiks is a brand of eyewear designed to reduce digital eye strain and fatigue caused by prolonged screen use.

Their glasses feature proprietary lens technology called i-AMP and custom fit frames with anti-reflective coating to improve visual clarity.

What’s Included

Reduced eye strain.

Proprietary lens material called i-AMP that is designed to reduce digital eye strain and fatigue caused by prolonged screen use. The i-AMP lens technology is able to filter out the “blue light” and UV radiation that is emitted by screens, thus the eye feels less tired while working or gaming.

Custom fit frames.

The frames of Gunnar eyewear are specifically designed to fit the shape of the face and head for a comfortable, secure fit. The frames come in various sizes, thus ensuring a perfect fit for anyone regardless of their face shape or head size.

Anti-reflective coating.

The lenses in Gunnar glasses are treated with an anti-reflective coating that helps to reduce glare and improve visual clarity. The coating reduces reflections on the surface of the lens, which makes them more comfortable to wear in bright or sunny conditions, or while working with digital screens.

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A Few Popular Styles

Gunnar Optiks are available in many modern styles for both prescription frames, as well as the sunglasses. We offer a wide variety of models in store and have the ability to create custom orders for you.

Some models have to be ordered. Just come in and let us know what you want.

Intercept1 300x169


Retro classic frame fused with futuristic technology, INTERCEPT completes the line between style and science.

With the multi-barrel hinges anchoring injected temples, the ergonomically balanced frame supports precision optics.

Mendocino 300x169


Reach peak performance with subtlety and style.

Featuring a lightweight titanium frame material, Mendocino’s classic rectangle shape and adjustable nose pads make it well-suited for good looks on a range of faces.

Stark 300x169

Stark Industries

Reach new heights with help from GUNNAR and Stark Industries, the leader in innovative technology.

With a lightweight stainless steel frame and sleek temples, the Stark Industries Edition glasses unlock a new realm of performance.

What people say about Gunnar Optiks

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“Perfect gift for my son. He plays video games daily and these glasses have helped him with eye fatigue and back pain. He even puts them on to watch movies and use the PC.”

— Oscar

“They are a comfortable fit on my bigger sized head. The nose bridge is comfortable enough to where I can forget that I’m even wearing the glasses. They are loose enough to not squeeze my head. They’re also tight enough to not fall off my face. The quality is great too. A very solid built frame. They also work fantastically.”

— Sam

“Everything everyone says is true. This really makes a difference. I use it for work at the PC and gaming. No more tired or dry eyes. You get used to tint in seconds. I’ll start using for TV viewing next.”

— Christian

Comfortably reduce blue light exposure and soothe eye strain.

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All Gunnar Optiks models are covered by our

“Life Happens” Guarantee