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Timelessly classic and fearlessly modern. It all began back in the 1930s when the high-flyers of the US Air Force needed protection against the harmful sun rays.

And so, Ray-Ban was born.

What’s Included

Timeless style.

The decades passed. Trends changed. But Ray-Ban remained. The look of legends and a symbol or style. Their undeniable presence from the stage to the streets put the cult in culture for trendsetters around the world.

Innovative technology.

More than seventy years after introducing the first pair of Anti-Glare Sunglasses to the world’s top pilots, Ray-Ban continues its mission of pioneering eyewear designed with innovative materials and techniques.

Endless variety.

From the iconic to the contemporary, Ray-Ban has a strong selection of stylish pairs fit for every face. In the rare event that you don’t see a pair you like, you can even design your own pair from scratch.

Ray Ban sunglasses3

A Few Popular Styles

Ray-Ban are available in many iconic styles for both prescription frames, as well as the sunglasses. We offer a wide variety of models in store and have the ability to create custom orders for you.

Some models have to be ordered. Just come in and let us know what you want.

ray banaviators


Ray-Ban Aviator Gradient sunglasses encompass the teardrop shape that started it all.

Originally designed for U.S. aviators, the Aviator Sunglasses design has become an icon.

The gradient lenses are nicely toned and give a cool effect to what is considered the sunglass that shaped entire cult movements.



Ray-Ban Original Wayfarer Optics are the most recognizable style in the history of eyeglasses.

Since its initial design in 1952, Wayfarer Classics gained popularity among celebrities, musicians, artists and those with an impeccable fashion sense.

ray ban erika


It's been a long time since Erika went metal. Now the whole world is talking once again with this incredible new Evolve version.

The ultra-thin metal temples in cool metallic variants deliver a frame that is both lightweight and resilient.

What people say about Ray-Bans

Ray Bay Polarized

“Great sunglasses, feel like a real Top Gun wearing them 😎. Great fit and high quality feel and aesthetic to them. The polarised lenses are brilliant and easy to clean with a little warm water and washing-up liquid if needed.”

— Mark

“I was gifted a pair of mirrored, gun metal aviators for my sixteenth birthday. I turn twenty-six in a few months and realized I’ve had that same pair for nearly a decade. After a decade of beaches, float trips, camping, hikes, road trips, and mountain treks, these sunglasses have been my one constant accessory.”

— Sarah

“Ray-Ban is my favorite eyewear company for both eyeglasses and sunglasses. The company has a long and interesting history. As such, their eyewear has been mastered throughout the years in terms of both quality and style. I have owned many pairs of Ray-Ban eyewear and find the materials to be durable. To date, I have never had a Ray-Ban product break.”

— David

Our glasses tell a story through decades, trends and the people that wear them.

ray ban2

All Ray-Ban models are covered by our

“Life Happens” Guarantee