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Rooted in the need for individuality, Zeal sunglasses are designed to go against the grain.

Bold, edgy, and defined.

What’s Included

Eco-friendly materials.

We use plant-based materials in all our sunglass frames and lenses to help you see the world around you more clearly while protecting the views that inspire us for generations to come. We believe it’s our responsibility to take the charge and create the change.

Comfort and durability.

Ultra lightweight, versatile frames with unique, porous materials injected into the joints to provide a soft and comfortable hold that gets tackier as things warm up. All designed to stand up to everyday life as well as the world’s harshest conditions.

Adventure and sustainability.

Zeal brings to life some amazing projects and partnerships that reduce our environmental footprint, create social change and leave us all with better memories of our time outdoors.


A Few Popular Styles

Zeal Optics are available in many iconic styles for both prescription frames, as well as the sunglasses. We offer a wide variety of models in store and have the ability to create custom orders for you.

Some models have to be ordered. Just come in and let us know what you want.

ZealOpticsRedCliff edited 300x180

Red Cliff

Zeal Optics Ref Cliff’s lightweight Z-Resin frame features a wrapped design and large lenses that provide peripheral protection from excessive sunlight, dust, and debris.

Plant-based Ellume Polarized lenses increase color, clarity, and contrast.

ZealOpticsCam edited 300x180


The Zeal Optics Cam sunglasses give “lightweight” a whole new meaning. The plant-based Z-lite injected frame means these sunglasses are truly as light as a feather, weighing in at under an ounce.

Add to that ProFlex rubber grip and a pair of quality prescription lenses and you’ll completely forget you’re wearing sunglasses!

ZealOpticsPescadero edited 300x180


Inspired by the ocean’s swell, the Zeal Optics Pescadero sunglasses are the definition of style and functionality. Fashioned with a double bridge, these sunglasses feature bent temples for added security.

Crafted from recyclable stainless steel that is lightweight and durable.

What people say about Zeal Optics


“Proof that there’s no such thing as bad weather – just bad gear and a bad attitude. These lenses outperform just about anything Mother Nature will throw at ’em. Just got an upgrade in the gear and attitude department!”

— Nate

“Great glasses for days that are foggy or low light. I used them sailing this summer and navigating on fog with these glasses was a game changer.”

— Rhona

“These are my very favorite shades ever. Believe me I’ve had them all and these Zeal’s are the most comfortable I’ve ever worn. So lightweight you’ll forget you’re wearing them. Then there’s the optical clarity and and color like no lens out there. Vivid and crisp with zero glare due to the amazing polarized lens. I wear them Biking, Hiking, Fishing, Driving you name it…”

— Seth

When the perfect day beckons, don’t let your goggles hold you back.

Zeal+Optics+Snow+Sports edited

All Zeal Optics models are covered by our

“Life Happens” Guarantee