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Jean Vouarnet won a downhill skiing gold medal in the 1960 Winter Olympics. Following this victory, the two men forged a friendship and decided to join forces to create a brand that reflected their character: innovative, high-performance and elegant.

Vuarnet was born.

What’s Included

Sixty years of legacy.

It began on Rue Boissy d’Anglas in Paris in 1957 where Roger Pouilloux had his workshop. This avant-garde optician, passionate about skiing, will revolutionize the sunglasses world by inventing an exceptional glass that can protect his eyes on the slopes and provide a clear vision of the landscape relief in overcast weather.

Handcrafted in France.

The production of Vuarnet mineral glass lenses is an art. One week of work and a seventeen-step process is necessary to produce each lens, from the selection of the best quality raw materials to the exclusive treatments on the lenses with strict quality control at each level.

Eco responsibility.

Between using 100% natural and recyclable materials for our lenses, introducing frames made out of recycled materials and other social initiatives, we are more than ever committed to protecting nature.


A Few Popular Styles

Vuarnet are available in many iconic styles for both prescription frames, as well as the sunglasses. We offer a wide variety of models in store and have the ability to create custom orders for you.

Some models have to be ordered. Just come in and let us know what you want.

VuarnetEdge1613 edited 300x180

Edge 1613

Edge 1613 features a round profile with brow bar inspired by the classic pilot style.

Frames are made from bio acetate and premium stainless steel.

Vuarnet mineral glass lenses offer superior protection against intense lighting conditions.

Legend02Valley edited 300x180

Legend 02 Valley

The Legend 02 Valley is the adaptation of our Iconic Legend 02 Originals in bio acetate, a sustainable, plant-based material made from natural fibers.

Its luminous quality makes for brilliant colors.

This frame is equipped with authentic Vuarnet mineral glass lenses, 100% natural and recyclable.

VuarnetIceLarge edited 300x180

Ice Large

ICE Large features a wrap around rectangular shape. Removeable side shields and temples for customizable fit and function.

Frames made from bio nylon. Mineral glass lenses offer pure optical clarity, and are scratch-resistant and shock proof.

What people say about Vuarnet

Vuarnet PhotoByTaylorBurk TantalusRange edited

“Vuarnet makes fantastic sunglasses in my opinion, many of my favorite lenses. I also think their frames are at the top in quality. The acetate in the district series is really wonderful.”

— Frank

“Vuarnet makes some of the best quality sunglasses in the world. Mineral Glass lenses with backside AR, you won’t be disappointed with any of those. A note about the side-shields, If you are going to be driving a Car or Bike you will have very limited vision to the sides.”

— Reno

“I am happy to say that these sunglasses are still of the highest quality! They eliminate glare and reflections completely, even when looking at bright sunlight reflecting off the ocean. They are very well-made and you can feel the quality in your hands. Look for the tiny Vuarnet logo etched into the outer top edge of each lens to ensure authenticity. You’ll receive a nice case with a magnetic closure and a cleaning cloth with your purchase. Vuarnet are second to none, and are a great value!”

— Nico

Mineral glass lenses guarantee no chromatic distortion and HD vision.

vuarnet2 edited

All Vuarnet models are covered by our

“Life Happens” Guarantee